About SEND

SEND is a community with an online platform that allows people to deliver items at a fair and transparent pricing. With the integration of advanced technology, an effective and instant delivery service can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone within the region. On top of that, SEND provides people with the opportunity to earn flexible income in their own capacity.

At SEND, it is our goal to provide convenience efficiently while creating opportunities for thousands of people like you. We believe that this is the future and we are creating it now.

Revolutionizing the Way You Send

SEND allows you to instantly and conveniently deliver or pick up an item without having to step out of the house or office.

Whether it is an urgent package to a client, a birthday gift to a dear friend, or a warm home-cooked meal for a busy spouse at work, SEND delivers packages effectively to give people what they want, whenever they want it.

Creating Opportunities

SEND allows you to generate income in your spare time when you sign up to be a Sender.

With flexible working hours and various sending methods, registered Senders will have the freedom to work in their own capacity to ensure a seamless delivery service.



9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Monday to Saturday)

Cut off time to place order by 5:00 PM

The Purchased credits can be used for Motorcycle, Car and Van services

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