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Need to head some place to buy something that you need but you just don’t want to head out into the traffic?

Just let one of our SENDers head out and get it for you.


Craving for something in particular that you want but don’t really want to go out to get it?

You can just schedule one of our SENDers to head out and get it for you – or your office for the matter!

Just ask us for a quote to get it for you. We promise it will be affordable!

Have a few things you need to do but just rather save time and have somebody else do it for you?

Just get one of our SENDers to do it for you.

A trip to the laundry can take some time that may be better used to do something more useful.

So rather than do it yourself, why not get one of our SENDers to do it for you? We’ll sort out your laundry at the nearest convenient laundry you prefer.

Our SENDers are multi-talented and can be relied upon to do quite a few things that you may not even imagine.

When you have a lot of things to do and you just can’t handle all the tasks you might think to be mundane – our SENDers will do it for you.

Just ask us how!

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Hint: Please describe your need in details. Example: Please help me buy a pack of sugar from grocery store.

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